I just want to get hit on IN REAL LIFE by a local girl

damnit tumblr y u make me fall in lust with girls millions of mile away

Doing some social cleansing. Making amends, tying up loose ends and really letting go of everything weighing me down

I think my greatest fear now is no longer being relevant

Just got back from reading festival and realised I totally cocked up my dates and ditched three individual people. Feeling crap, tired and like the worst friend in the world

In other news though the festival was sick!




I smeared myself across people so often
Rubbed my essence into their minds
My exotic lies and intoxicating sighs lured them into such an intense stupor they believed themselves in love

I was an artist
Weaving myself in between caught breaths and skipped heartbeats
I was a master

At the point in my life where the most active part of my love life derives from tinder.

Help me.